Staff at the IBAO are leveraging their New Year’s fitness resolutions to give back.

IBAO employees are participating in a 10-week fitness challenge with a charitable twist. Until the end of March, IBAO employees will try to achieve a weekly personal fitness goal. Each week an employee achieves their goal The T-R Group will donate $10 to charity, but each week they miss their goal the employee donates $10.

The program was created by the IBAO Social Committee to raise money for charity while promoting an active lifestyle.

In the spirit of fostering good health, the funds raised will go to the Breakfast Club of Canada, whose mandate is to, “nourish children’s potential by making sure as many of them as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school.”

The program’s sponsor, The T-R Group, is an Affinity Partner of the IBAO, offering IBAO Members two free hours of HR consulting per year. Tony Pilon, HR Consultant & Facilitator with the T-R Group said, “This is a great initiative and a really great cause. We’re thrilled to be involved.”

You can follow the staff’s progress on Instagram. If you’d like to run your own Charity Fitness Challenge, you can contact Jeff for more details. If your office is doing any charitable giving, we’d love to hear about it and share it in The Weekly — please forward details and photos to Erin.