Why Hire a Co-Op Student?

We can connect you with students equipped with the academics, technical and digital skills you’re looking for from world leading co-op education programs. Hiring a co-op student can provide you with top talent for job openings including:

  • Actuarial Student/Analyst/Assistant
  • Software Engineering/Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Insurance Broker
  • Business/Data Analyst

University of Waterloo

With a network of 7,100 co-op employers, the University of Waterloo is the largest of any university in North America that offers their students a means to a greater range of jobs. IBAO is now a part of this network by promoting the opportunity for its membership brokerages to sign up and hire a co-op student.

If a broker is interested in signing up to be a co-op student employer, sign-up and join the University of Waterloo Co-op Fundamentals Info Session. Co-op Hiring Fundamentals is a 30-minute live webinar that reviews:

  • 5 steps to hiring
  • Tips and tricks to hiring emerging talent
  • Funding opportunities
  • Q&A to get you the answers you’re looking for!

Click here for details of the 2024 Fall Partnerships for Employment job fair hosted by University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Conestoga College, and Wilfred Laurier University.

For inquiries, please contact hire.talent@uwaterloo.ca


Co-operative Programs in Ontario Colleges

  • Centennial College

    Centennial college has a 2-week non-paid field placement that commences during the winter semester.

    Contact: Leona Jones ljone52@my.centennialcollege.ca

  • Conestoga College

    Conestoga college has a co-op term for their students in their Business-Insurance program.

    Contact: Sean Lichty, Slichty@conestogac.on.ca

  • Fanshawe College

    Fanshawe college has a co-op program with their Business – Insurance program.

    Contact: Zanoishta Vania  z_vania@FanshaweC.ca

  • Humber College

    Humber college has a Work Placement program for students in their 3rd semester that complete their first 2 semesters.

    To hire a student, the work placement needs to:

    • Consist of 160 hours that can be applied to a Part-time or Full-time role.
    • Work terms are typically a 3-month term.
    • Can be paid or unpaid, however students tend to opt-in for paid roles.

    Brokerages that are interested in hiring a Humber College student in this program can submit a job description that will be placed on Humber College job board/site called Career Connect.

    Upcoming work placement is May to August 2022.

    Contact: JEAN DSOUZA, JEAN.DSOUZA@humber.ca

  • King’s University College

    King’s University College has a job shadowing program over the course of two consecutive days within the fall (November 1-5) or spring (February 21-25) reading weeks.

    Also has a paid summer internship program that runs for 4 months.

    Contact: Jenny Richmond-Bravo, jenny.Richmond-Bravo@kings.uwo.ca

  • Lambton College

    Lambton college has a work term placement in the 4th term of their Financial Planning & Wealth Management program. The co-op placement runs for 4 months that requires 420 hours and students can work anywhere in Canada.

    Contact: Kyle Walker, Kyle.Walker@lambtoncollege.ca

  • Mohawk College

    Mohawk college has a broad range of co-operative education programs. To inquire about hiring a student within their insurance program, connect with the program contact.

    Contact: Jorge Bettencourt, jorge.bettencourt@mohawkcollege.ca

  • More Questions?

    If you have further inquires, please reach out to Gabriela Bejarano at gbejarano@ibao.on.ca