Why Hire a Co-Op Student?

We can connect you with students equipped with the academics, technical and digital skills you’re looking for from world leading co-op education programs.

Hiring a co-op student can provide you with top talent for job openings including:
• Actuarial Student/Analyst/Assistant
• Software Engineering/Developer
• Web Developer
• Project Coordinator
• Insurance Broker
• Business/Data Analyst

University of Waterloo

With a network of 7,100 co-op employers, the University of Waterloo is the largest of any university in North America that offers their students a means to a greater range of jobs. IBAO is now a part of this network by promoting the opportunity for its membership brokerages to sign up and hire a co-op student.

If a broker is interested in signing up to be a co-op student employer, sign-up and join the University of Waterloo Co-op Fundamentals Info Session to learn how to recruit student talent, walk through five simple hiring steps and how to attract talent. Available Dates:

  • Wednesday, March 22
  • Wednesday, April 19

For inquiries, please contact Gabriela Bejarano at gbejarano@ibao.on.ca


Co-operative Programs in Ontario Colleges

  • Centennial College

    Centennial college has a 2-week non-paid field placement that commences during the winter semester.

    Contact: Leona Jones ljone52@my.centennialcollege.ca

  • Conestoga College

    Conestoga college has a co-op term for their students in their Business-Insurance program.

    Contact: Sean Lichty, Slichty@conestogac.on.ca

  • Fanshawe College

    Fanshawe college has a co-op program with their Business – Insurance program.

    Contact: Zanoishta Vania  z_vania@FanshaweC.ca

  • Humber College

    Humber college has a Work Placement program for students in their 3rd semester that complete their first 2 semesters.

    To hire a student, the work placement needs to:

    • Consist of 160 hours that can be applied to a Part-time or Full-time role.
    • Work terms are typically a 3-month term.
    • Can be paid or unpaid, however students tend to opt-in for paid roles.

    Brokerages that are interested in hiring a Humber College student in this program can submit a job description that will be placed on Humber College job board/site called Career Connect.

    Upcoming work placement is May to August 2022.

    Contact: JEAN DSOUZA, JEAN.DSOUZA@humber.ca

  • King’s University College

    King’s University College has a job shadowing program over the course of two consecutive days within the fall (November 1-5) or spring (February 21-25) reading weeks.

    Also has a paid summer internship program that runs for 4 months.

    Contact: Jenny Richmond-Bravo, jenny.Richmond-Bravo@kings.uwo.ca

  • Lambton College

    Lambton college has a work term placement in the 4th term of their Financial Planning & Wealth Management program. The co-op placement runs for 4 months that requires 420 hours and students can work anywhere in Canada.

    Contact: Kyle Walker, Kyle.Walker@lambtoncollege.ca

  • Mohawk College

    Mohawk college has a broad range of co-operative education programs. To inquire about hiring a student within their insurance program, connect with the program contact.

    Contact: Jorge Bettencourt, jorge.bettencourt@mohawkcollege.ca

  • More Questions?

    If you have further inquires, please reach out to Gabriela Bejarano at gbejarano@ibao.on.ca