Auto Foundations: SABS

Go beyond the basics of Ontario Auto and upgrade your knowledge on Statutory Accident Benefits


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Two-part course goes in-depth on SABS for both Personal Lines and Commercial Lines.

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Go In-Depth on SABS

Get up to speed on the fundamentals of Statutory Accident Benefits, the optional benefits purchasable, and the commercial lines implications of offering SABS to businesses.


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    Course Description

    A two-part course bundle, Auto Insurance Foundations: SABS for PL and CL Brokers aims educates brokers on the fundamentals of the Statutory Accident Benefits schedule found in the Ontario Automobile Policy, the optional benefits available, and delves into the commercial lines implications of offering SABS to businesses.

    Part 1 – Mastering Basic & Optional Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) – Personal Lines
    The base Ontario automobile policy contains certain mandatory coverages that are standardized for all Ontarians. However, there are many optional coverages available to allow policyholders to customize the policy to suit their needs and the needs of their family members. Brokers need to know the ins and outs of what protection it offers to clients, what exposures exists in the client profile, and what endorsements to recommend.

    Part 2 – Mastering Basic & Optional Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) – Commercial Implications
    This second section will educate you on what commercial implications exist with the Optional Statutory Accident Benefits. By the end of the course, brokers will have the knowledge to determine if Optional Accident Benefits is suitable for their commercial lines client and explain what unique risks exists when offering SABS to them.

    Facilitated By:  Jo Anne Mitchell, Owner-Consultant at Effective Training and Communication Plus, and Wayne Briggs, FCIP, CRM

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