In response to broker concerns regarding inconsistent labeling among insurers leading to ambiguity in eDocs, CSIO took steps to revamp the application of the codes. Recognizing the cost of spending valuable time opening documents to confirm that their contents match their codes and descriptions, CSIO initiated an industry-wide effort in early 2023 to standardize eDoc codes, descriptions and document separation. Here’s a glimpse of their progress:

eDoc Programming Scorecard: CSIO has introduced a programming scorecard detailing timelines for insurers and BMS vendors. Regular updates to the scorecard will be made as more information is gathered from each company.

Broker Feedback Survey: A broker survey has been launched to gather feedback on the revised eDocs descriptions, ensuring they meet the needs and expectations of brokers.

eDoc Implementation Steering Committee: A committee has been formed to oversee successful implementation and conduct end-to-end user-acceptance testing (UAT). Comprising representatives from insurers, vendors and brokers, the committee ensures a collaborative approach.

Accessible Resources: A dedicated webpage and monthly newsletter updates are available to provide ongoing support and information.

With these initiatives in place, the aim is to streamline eDocs processes, saving brokers time and enhancing overall efficiency within the industry.