License renewal season is fast approaching and we’re here to help. Here are our top recommendations for free and paid CE courses in each accreditation category to fill any remaining hours you might need to meet your CE requirements.


Free: Conservation Ontario – Flood Risk Management in Ontario

Paid: Auto Insurance Foundations: SABS for Personal Lines & Commercial Lines Brokers

If you haven’t checked out our eLearning offerings recently, you might not know about some of our most timely releases. Flooding is sadly an all-too relevant topic these days, and our new SABS course is among our most ambitious eLearning projects to date, covering the issue in both PL and CL contexts.

Professional Development

Free: Why You! A Marketing System for Producers

Paid: Commercial Building Cost Calculators

Our new Marketing course with Steve Pieroway, Founder of Benevolent Marketing, guides you through building your own unique marketing approach. In the paid option, our course with Opta Intelligence takes you through using building cost calculators to be certain you’re insuring to value.


Free: Dentons: Estate and Succession Planning – How To Do It Right

Paid: New Broker Essentials: Version 2: For the Manager

Our course with Dentons provides a useful primer on succession planning. And more than just a course, the management version of New Broker Essentials teaches hiring/training managers how to build a cohesive and sustainable training program for their new hires.


Free: Conversations on Conduct – Stage 3

All of our Ethics eLearning courses are free and available exclusively to IBAO Members—so we don’t have a paid course to recommend. Thank you for your continued Membership :)