Commercial Building Cost Calculators

Course Description

When calculating commercial building costs, brokers often use rating tools to accurately determine how much coverage is needed for insurance to value, as well as the premium that should be charged. Getting the right number depends on the broker’s ability and confidence to use these tools properly. This course aims to teach brokers how to use rating tools through a demo, as well as address common questions that come up when using them. The goal is to help brokers better use these rating tools by comprehending their features, categories and how they use the data the broker collects.

By the end of the course, brokers will be able to:

  • Identify assumptions certain rating tools use and be able to confidently navigate as well as input information into the program to come up with more accurate estimates.
  • Differentiate how rating tools are used between personal and commercial lines
  • Select the correct occupancy and ISO construction code by learning the differences between them.

Recommended for: All Brokers (Personal Lines and New to Commercial Lines)

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Date Added: December 1, 2021
Location: Online
Accreditation: 1 Professional Development Hour
Facilitated By: Opta Intelligence
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