**Deadline extended to September 8th**

The deadline for the Awards of Excellence is fast approaching, but there’s still time to put together a dynamite Awards submission that’ll earn you a place in the Finalists circle. Here are our tips for crafting that winning submission.

Create a Narrative
It’s tempting to do an info dump of accomplishments that detail everything the nominee has achieved. But it’s far more compelling and easier to process if your submission tells a story. How did things start? What did you or your brokerage/team overcome to get where you are today?

Include Personality

Your submission isn’t a report to investors. It’s an expression of you and/or your brokerage, and related accomplishments. So try to convey something about yourself/your team beyond just bullet points. Getting a sense of the person behind the submission will make it easier for the judges to relate.

Integrate Images

Including a batch of photos is great but integrating them into the submission itself allows them to benefit from the context of the doc, while giving that same benefit back to the text. Beyond photos, are there graphs or other graphics that might help tell the story? Integrate those too.

Consider Video

Videos aren’t required, but they’re an easy way to set yourself apart. The best way to include a video is to put it up on YouTube or Vimeo and include a hyperlink in your submission. If you try submitting a hefty video file, it may cause our servers to bounce the submission. Alternatively, let us know there’s a video with your submission and we’ll coordinate how best to transfer the file.

Be Succinct

If you’re in a competitive category, you’ll be up against many other submissions. The judge for your category will likely be reading all submissions for your category at one time. So while you’re putting yours together, make sure you’re being clear and effectively making your case.

Get Moving

Our submission deadline is fast approaching, and these things can sometimes take more time than you think. Start now so your submission can be looking and sounding great by the September 1st deadline. (UPDATE: deadline extended to September 8th!)