IBAO Education has teamed up with the Canadian Association of Managing General Agents (CAMGA) to create an eLearning course about MGA’s important role in the industry.

CAMGA is the national trade association representing P&C MGAs and is dedicated to shaping the landscape of delegated underwriting in Canada. CAMGA President Steve Masnyk and Past President MaryKate Townsend will guide learners through the world of MGAs in The Why? of an MGA.

“Similar to IBAO, CAMGA is intent on serving the interests of its members before the federal and provincial governments, insurance regulators, as well as the retail brokerage and insurer sectors,” said MaryKate.

The course is meant to give brokers a high-level understanding of the role MGAs play in the insurance market. It emphasizes the value of why it’s important to have working relationships with MGAs—to better serve their client in providing appropriate coverage options for their insurance needs, whether it be a hard-to-place risk, high-value or unique in nature. The course also covers how brokers can utilize CAMGA’s recently launched Bridge platform.

“Bridge is a submission platform for brokers, designed to simplify the process of submitting risks to MGAs,” said Steve. “Not only that, a broker can log into Bridge, enter a class of business into the search bar, and it’ll identify those MGAs with an appetite for that risk.”

You can find the course in our eLearning Library, free and exclusively available for IBAO Members.