We’re always looking for new ways to empower Ontario Brokers. The latest came from our Board of Directors, and we jumped on it.

The request was an investment in data to provide insight into our members’ client base to help position them with their clients and expand their businesses. We took it a step further and now intend to become a significant source of market intelligence for our members and the insurance industry.

We’ve gathered Consumer Data Reports for 79 trade areas across Ontario. We collected data from a third-party firm, Environics Analytics, who leverages PRIZM demographic segmentation. The data contains demographic info that can be used for better targeting in advertising and sales efforts. Reports also contain details on the types of businesses that exist within trade areas. This will help brokerages better position their commercial lines strategies.

These exclusive reports are accessible solely to IBAO Members—you can find the password in our Member Resource Library in the Consumer Data folder. For non-Members, a free preview is available here and you can contact Brett to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Member.