The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is mobilizing their network of member brokerages to conduct a survey gauging consumer preference for digital delivery of insurance documentation. The survey’s being shared with IBAO member brokerages for distribution to their respective client bases, which represent roughly 6 million policyholders across Ontario.

“Survey results will help us determine consumer appetite for moving to paperless insurance documentation,” said IBAO CEO Colin Simpson. “We know there are some consumers who will always prefer paper policies, but we need to know definitively how large that contingent is to guide the direction of the insurance industry’s services.”

This survey is one of many initiatives coming out of IBAO’s Going Paperless Project Team which is national in scope, in partnership with brokers, leading insurance companies, broker technology vendors and industry partners. In addition to the survey, the group recently published recommendations on optimizing the use of eDocs in digital service to consumers.

“Large-scale initiatives like this are only possible with an association like IBAO taking up the cause,” said Jeff Roy, President & CEO of Excalibur Insurance and member of IBAO’s Going Paperless Project Team. “No matter how tech-savvy or plugged in a broker might be, they can’t accomplish individually what we can as a group. Given the direction and pace the technology’s moving, this has become an important topic that needs a proactive, thoughtful strategy for all parties to be successful.”

Once Ontario consumers have been surveyed, IBAO will expand to consumer preferences across Canada in partnership with provincial Broker Associations across the country.