The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has released free training to help brokers navigate new processes in accessing AutoPlus reports. In partnership with CGI—an information and systems integration company—IBAO created broker training on CGI’s auto report, AutoPlus.

“In light of upcoming changes to CGI’s Broker Portal, we’ve developed training to guide brokers through these new processes in accessing AutoPlus reports,” said IBAO CEO Colin Simpson. “Changes will be rolled out by CGI from mid-August to October. They will primarily affect broker workflows and impact consumer consent processes and language.”

CGI’s process changes were prompted by a request from the Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada. IBAO worked with CGI on a solution to limit the data accessible from an AutoPlus report without creating additional cost and effort. The solution keeps consumers top of mind—the current solution results in a more streamlined process for brokers to obtain a quote and bind a policy, avoiding additional costs in the system.

This is a prime example of what IBAO does on behalf of both insurance brokers and consumers. Because of their resources and expertise, IBAO can partner with organizations like CGI to help not only their members, but insurance brokers across Canada who use the AutoPlus product, keeping consumers at the forefront of their recommendations.

“Consumer data privacy is a key concern,” said Simpson. “Not only do CGI’s changes comply with the Privacy Commissioner’s requirements, the solution we put forward works for brokers, insurers and consumers. We’ve made this training available to brokers across Canada to ensure every broker is ready and able to comply with the new requirements, for the benefit of all involved.”

Full details and training materials are available at