Get your Advanced Broker Licence

This one-week course prepares you for the Level ll (unrestricted) Management exam. It's also an excellent skills refresher for Principal Brokers looking to upgrade their management skills.

Getting your RIBO Level ll Advanced Broker Licence is required to practice without restriction. Two years of experience are required to take this course.

Requirements to obtain the Unrestricted License to own a brokerage:

1. The broker must have two years of work experience acting as a RIBO Level 1 (Acting Under Supervision) licensed broker to write the Management exam.

2. The broker must successfully complete the Unrestricted Management exam and the Unrestricted Technical Only exam to apply for the RIBO Level II license.

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Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Location: 1 Eglinton Avenue East l Suite 700
Accreditation Hours: 20 Management Hours
Facilitators: Various
Materials: Included
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