RIBO Level II License: Unrestricted Management Course

This one-week course prepares you to challenge the RIBO Level II Unrestricted Management exam. Study, practice and network among peers in a focused, practical program.

The RIBO Level II License is obtained by successfully passing both the Unrestricted Technical and Management exams, a requirement to practice without restriction.

Requirements to attain your Level II License:

1. Be a RIBO Level 1 licensed broker practicing for two or more years.
2. Pass the Unrestricted Management exam. BOOK HERE
3. Pass the Unrestricted Technical exam.

COVID-19 Update:

Participants can choose to attend this course in-person in our Toronto classroom or to attend virtually via Zoom. Zoom participants will be actively engaged in a livestream of the in-class course and will be able to interact with the instructor and other participants in real-time.


Note: There is no course to prepare brokers to write the Unrestricted Technical exam. For best results, practical and real work experience is required. This exam can be waived for brokers with a CAIB or CIP designation.

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Download the registration form, fill out all necessary details including study format and method of payment, and return to education@ibao.on.ca.


+ $300
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Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Location: 1 Eglinton Avenue East l Suite 700
Accreditation Hours: 20 Management Hours
Facilitators: Various
Materials: Included