Get your Level l Licence

Find out if you qualify by submitting the following documents to RIBO:

* Resume
* Certificate of Authority from your home jurisdiction
* Copies of Property & Casualty licenses (OTL or other)
* Copies of industry designations

If you’re eligible, RIBO will mail an application package to the address indicated on your resume. Once you have been approved, you can purchase the Equivalency Preparation Courses below. We offer two equivalency courses:

1. Equivalency Preparation Course: RIB Act, Regulations & By-Laws
2. Equivalency Preparation Course: Ontario Auto

To schedule your exam, please mail your exam application to RIBO. Only individuals who have received prior RIBO approval are entitled to write equivalency exams. This online course is non-refundable after purchase.

The purpose of these courses is to help the candidate read and digest the RIBO Materials so they can be better prepared to challenge the exam, it is not a replacement to this material nor was the content co-developed with RIBO.

RIBO has multiple versions of these exams, so the practice exam included in these courses will help train you in the format you will face, be a solid review of the material contained in this course, but it is not the actual exam you will take.

Note to Insurance Agents moving into the Broker channel: The Insurance Act is not the focus of this course, nor is it major part of these Equivalency exams.

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Program Length: 120-Day E-Learning Access
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