There are currently 7 billion internet connected devices globally, the use of smart mobile devices is ubiquitous. Increasingly individuals of all ages communicate their personal and commercial experiences and expectations through social media platforms and with complacency expand their digital foot prints.

Learn how the law of defamation (cyber libel) has developed to respond to expressions of opinion in social media within the personal, workplace and commercial context.

An unprecedented number of individuals are working from home right now. Working from home introduces new privacy and cyber liability risks. It’s important for professionals working from home to understand these risks and implement proactive risk management strategies.

Recommended for Brokerage Owners, Managers, Producers and CSR's.

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$60 each additional registrant.


Date: May 7th
Time: 9:30AM-11:45AM
Location: The comfort of your own office
Accreditation Hours: 2 Technical Hours
Facilitators: Mario Fiorino, B.A., LL.B, M. ED, Insurance Bureau of Canada