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Course Description

A Masterclass-style course for newly licensed brokers (7 years or less) who are trying to find their professional focus which provides insider knowledge from 6 high calibre brokers. The brokers selected for these two Fireside Chat courses are long time experts in each of the topics they speak too. The content of this course is delivered through a guided interview to expose key experiences, examples and advice that a mentor would bring. It is not always the case that each and every brokerage has experienced staff in these categories, or if they did those individuals had time to mentor the new brokers. That is why this course exists, to provide access to mentor advice to brokers who may not have that inhouse privilege. The content provided in this course is not available in any textbook, course or seminar anywhere in the insurance industry.

The course is divided into three parts, one lesson for each speaker centred on a video interview that probes into examples, blind spots and industry secrets new broker can use to focus their education, efforts and energy to build their stature in this diverse broker community. Following each Lesson is a quiz to review the content.

Each course has a custom PDF fillable worksheet for learners to keep track of the key points of each mentor.

The learning objectives are;

  1. Specialization -reviewing 10 key tips on how to pivot your career from generalist to really crack into industries and become a leading force and value to those clientele.
  2. Commercial Auto -discussing 5 keyways to improve yourself and your clients’ insurance loss reduction and rates.
  3. Underwriter Relationships -discussing 3 vital approaches to Underwriters from their perspective of what impacts brokers have on them and their workflows.
  4. Account Management -Taking the long view on what clients value in their broker to both feed how a client can further their business while having clear expectations what insurance can do for them.
  5. Hospitality -Looking into 5 vital areas a broker needs to be hands on in managing to ensure their hospitality client has the advocate & insurance policy they truly need.
  6. Construction & Manufacturing -Diving into the unique culture and challenges brokers face working in this fast paced, demanding industries while remaining ethical and transparent.



  1. Brooke Hunter, ICD.D, Founder Hunters International Insurance
  2. Wayne Briggs, FCIP, CRM, IBAO Educator
  3. Emilio McIntyre, CIP, Client Advisor -International Practice, Highcourt Breckles Group
  4. Dario Batista, MBA -Founder isure Insurance Inc.
  5. Christopher Coniglio, CAIB, CIP -Executive Vice President of Highcourt Breckles Group
  6. Tammy Grassa, CAIB, CPIB, FRM, CIP -Account Executive – Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management


Release Date: October 18, 2023
Duration: 2 Hours
Accreditation Hours: 2 Technical Hours
Facilitators: Various
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