Navigating the CVOR

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The Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration (CVOR) is one of the most important documents in underwriting a commercial auto risk and can be a little overwhelming the first time you see one.

Do you ask yourself what makes up the CVOR?
How do Collisions affect the “Overall Violation Rate”?
What the heck is the “Overall Violation Rate”?

If you answered yes, then this seminar is for you! Join us as we navigate our way through reading and understanding the CVOR, using it as an underwriting tool as well as a sales tool. This course will include a review of numerous worksheets and activity logs.

Following this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the background and purpose of the CVOR,
2. Explain how the CVOR is applied to underwriting,
3. Articulate the relationship between Collisions, Convictions, and Inspections with the “Overall Violation Threshold” percentage,
4. Describe related inspections and interventions,
5. Effectively use the CVOR as a sales tool.

Recommended For: Commercial Lines Brokers

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Date Added: November 17, 2021
Location: Online
Accreditation: 2 Technical Hours
Facilitated By: Melanie Needham - MRD Training & Consulting
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