Broker Launchpad on Demand

Course Description

Broker Launchpad is IBAO’s best “getting started in insurance” course ever! The course rests on two core objectives: provide clear advice on how to become a great insurance broker, and ensure you have the best instruction possible to challenge the RIBO Level 1 exam.

Broker Lauchpad On Demand is a self-guided eLearning course,  providing condensed lessons, study tools, guidance, assessments and straightforward practice in all the subjects that insurance brokers need to comprehend. Broken into 14 parts, you are provided with content that helps you connect the dots on the complexities of insurance contracts, policy coverages and pertinent regulations. Each lesson of this course is directly mirrors the Becoming An Insurance Broker textbook, but provides insights that instructors routinely make.

Topic areas include:

  • Property insurance
  • Ontario Auto insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Travel Health insurance
  • Commercial Property insurance
  • And many more!

Each lesson includes more practice questions not included in your textbook. To end the course is a 100 question practice exam – with new questions!

Using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can take this course anywhere! Start & stop where you please, review or redo lessons or quizzes as often as you wish! Built into this course are tips on study techniques and self assessments for you to gauge your need to review content.

Note: The exam is NOT included with this course. To see an upcoming schedule of exam dates, and to register & pay for your RIBO Level 1 exam, go here. You are also recommended to confirm & validate your eligibility before registering for any exam.

Materials: Becoming an Insurance Broker textbook is an exciting new way of learning about Ontario’s broker channel. Written by industry experts in clear plain language, learn how to become a successful broker, how to guide consumers on risk management and protection and what Ontario’s insurance landscape is all about. Available in hardcopy or eBook formats.

Registration Policy:

  1. Access is for 180 days (from first log in).
  2. There are NO REFUNDS. If you registered in this course in error, you must contact immediately.
  3. Textbooks, once shipped, are not refundable. Textbook kits ship within 72 hours of registration.
  4. IBAO does not ship internationally, only to a Canadian addresses that do not have a P.O. Box number. Failure to enter a complete or accurate shipping address will incur additional fees. If you have any questions about your shipping address, contact


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Date Added: January 1, 2022
Time: 2-3 Hours Per Day
Location: Online
Pricing: This course fee combines the course and textbook kit fees
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