2024 DCPD Changes & Introduction of OPCF 49

Course Description

Effective January 2024, insurers issuing Ontario Automobile Policies (“OAP 1”) will be required to offer their insureds the OPCF 49 Agreement Not to Recover for Loss or Damage from an Automobile Collision. Intended to provide consumers with choice and cost savings, this optional endorsement provides insureds with the choice to opt out of the Direct Compensation Property Damage (“DCPD”) coverage in the OAP 1. In short, this means that in the event that an insured is involved in a collision for which they are not-at-fault or partially-at-fault, they will not be able to recover the following items from their insurer:

  • Automobile repair;
  • The value of the automobile or its replacement;
  • The loss of use of the automobile; or
  • Damage or loss of the contents inside the automobile.

Given the risks of signing an OPCF 49, brokers should be vigilant in ensuring that they explain the mechanics of the product to clients and potential risks and consequences of signing an OPCF 49 clearly and thoroughly

Learning Objectives

  •  Explain the OPCF 49 Agreement: Brokers should be able to explain the purpose and significance of the OPCF 49 Agreement Not to Recover for Loss or Damage from an Automobile Collision, including its implementation requirement for insurers issuing Ontario Automobile Policies (“OAP 1”) from January 2024.
  • Learners should be capable of effectively communicating the mechanics of the OPCF 49 product to clients, ensuring they understand the implications and consequences of signing the endorsement
  • Provide Thorough Product Information: Learners should be equipped to deliver clear and comprehensive explanations of the OPCF 49 Agreement, its benefits, limitations, and the process of opting in or out of the endorsement, ensuring clients have the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice.

Recommended for: All Brokers


  • Moderator: Brett Boadway, COO, IBAO
  • Cassels: Jessica L.Kuredjian, Partner, Cassels
  • Travelers: Amber Wright, AVP of Auto for Travelers Canada
  • IBC: Anne Marie Thomas, IBC
  • Wayne Briggs FCIP, CRM


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Release Date: Sept 5, 2023
Accreditation Hours: 1 Technical Hour
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