(Toronto, Ontario) The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) raised $21,000 in support of the True Patriot Love Foundation – a national charity that assists military families, funds community-based programs and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research. The fundraiser took place at the IBAO Awards of Excellence Gala celebrating top performing brokers and brokerages as part of its 97th Annual Convention.

“We wanted to pay tribute to the tragic event that took place the last time we hosted our Convention in Ottawa in 2014,” said IBAO President Traci Boland. “A Canadian soldier was fatally shot at the National War Memorial. It was a heartbreaking incident that deeply affected all of us. The fundraiser we held this year was in honour of the fallen soldier and his family, military families and Veterans across the country.”

Currently there are over 700,000 Veterans and Veteran families in Canada. Every year about 5,000 soldiers leave the service and join them. Since 2009, True Patriot Love has supported over 20,000 military families, provided 7,500 hours of peer-to-peer counselling for transitioning Veterans and invested $500,000 to create a virtual reality therapy program for Veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress.

“We’re so grateful to the IBAO and to everyone who supported this important cause. Together, we can help change the lives of these brave men and women and work towards ensuring that military members, Veterans and their families receive the support they need and deserve,” said Bronwen Evans, Founding Director & CEO, True Patriot Love. “The road to recovery for a family dealing with an operational stress injury, like Post-Traumatic Stress, can be a long journey requiring a lifetime of support. We hope to remind Canadians that our service men and women, in volunteering to serve our great nation, have signed an unlimited liability contract.”

“I want to thank everyone who contributed to this important cause,” said Boland. “With your support we were able to truly come together to honour the contributions and sacrifices of our soldiers and make a positive impact towards the well-being of our military and Veteran families.”