Ontario’s broker association continues its push to bring more diverse voices to the table.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) proudly announces its new partnership with the Canadian Chinese Insurance Professionals Association (CCIPA). With this, IBAO will work to highlight important CCIPA events, offer their members extended mentorship programs and provide Mandarin subtitles for the new IBAO-led consumer awareness campaign, to help promote brokers to the Chinese Canadian population.

“We forged this valuable partnership to further support visible minorities in the insurance industry,” said IBAO COO Brett Boadway. “IBAO’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals continue to bring us together with passionate, talented people and provides us the opportunity to use our platform to amplify the diversity of the profession and continue to make the broker channel work best for Ontario’s consumers.”

Initially formed in 1988, CCIPA is a non-profit organization representing Chinese Canadians in insurance and related industries. IBAO represents over 15,000 insurance brokers who collectively serve over 6,000,000 policyholders across Ontario. With such a large, varied membership base partnerships such as these are crucial to ensuring that the diversity of brokers and their clients are included in association efforts.

“The burgeoning partnership between CCIPA and IBAO will propel broker development and client retention to a new high like never before—such fantastic news for the Chinese community on the insurance front,” said CCIPA President Louisa Hui.

To learn more about CCIPA visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.