The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) are presenting the conclusions of their initiative on the insurance industry moving to paperless delivery of insurance documentation.

IBAO CEO Colin Simpson and Steve Gugler, Partner at 3Tree, will give an overview of the project at the Going Paperless Virtual Town Hall, to take place on October 12th at 1:00PM – 2:00PM.

This event is free and open to all relevant parts of the Canadian insurance industry—brokers, carriers, technology vendors and industry associations.

“We’ve been collaborating with people from across the industry and country, discerning consumers’ true preferences on the paperless delivery of documents, strategizing how to best meet those needs and laying the groundwork for the industry to go forward,” said Colin Simpson.

The Going Paperless Initiative analyzed the topic from a multitude of perspectives, generating information that will guide the industry as it evolves. The initiative included a first-of-its-kind, country-wide consumer survey, gathering data on consumer preferences—the results will be shared at the Town Hall.

The Going Paperless Working Group also published a series of frameworks to assist the industry with the path to paperless servicing including a Consumer Digital Charter, Vendor Digital Charter and Going Paperless Best Practices Guide. Copies of the findings and all the documentation will be made available to all who attend the Town Hall.

Following the presentation by Colin and Steve, attendees will also have the opportunity to ask follow ups during a Q&A period. If you’d like to submit a question for the Q&A in advance, you can do so here.

“So much work has been done to ensure the industry is doing what’s best for consumers—we’re excited to share this work and to hear from others in the industry.”

You can register for the Going Paperless Virtual Town Hall here.