• How do I print my Accreditation Letter?

    1. Launch
    2. Click Log In (top right)
    3. Enter in your Username and Password
    4. Go to the Participation Tab
    5. Click Your Accreditation Report
    6. Enter the date range required (first date must be before you registered for the course and the last date can be the day you completed the course or the current date)
    7. Click Report
    8. Click the PDF icon to download and print

  • Why can’t I use Internet Explorer?

    Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 and Internet Explorer beginning in 2020. My IBAO Learning Path is built on modern and future focused software, which makes Internet Explorer 11 behave inconsistently (1 out of 10 users can complete a course without an issue but the other 9 aren’t so lucky). We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari when you take a course through our online learning platform.

  • Why is my E-Learning course still showing as incomplete?

    The successful completion of eLearning Library content is reliant on 2 things:

    • Successful completion of the quiz
    • Required time spent (this is indicated by check marks beside each of the lessons)


    Make sure the internet browser you’re using isn’t Internet Explorer (see above). This browser isn’t supported. Chrome and Firefox are recommended.

    Log back into the course and complete the lesson(s) that don’t have check marks and exit the course. The status will change to Complete. Once the status of the course is updated to Complete, wait 40 minutes to print off your letter.