Details & Registration

  • What’s the difference between Classroom and Virtual?

    You choose to attend the class face–to–face or face–to–screen. Participants seamlessly interact with each other, take part in the same polls and view the same whiteboard. Same instructor, same instruction. The course is streamed live from IBAO’s classroom, so no matter which format you choose, you’re not missing out.

    Virtual is the broadcast of the classroom course via Zoom. Students can stay at home or the office, with no travel time. Through Zoom, you can chat with the instructor and your peers, view class slides and participate in the same group/breakout activities as classroom students do. Note: classes are NOT recorded.

  • What’s the difference between Weekday and Weekend programs?

    Weekday courses are 10 days, Monday to Friday, 9:00AM–4:30PM, for two weeks. Weekend is 6 days over 3 consecutive weekends. Both options come with the same textbook and workbook (handed out in class or digitally distributed beforehand). These courses can be taken in the Classroom or Virtually via Zoom.

  • What is the "On Demand" Option?

    Work autonomously through our online guided learning. You have 180 day access to our lessons specific to each chapter of your textbook. Join us via any device, from anywhere, anytime. Start, stop, review and complete practice exams as often as you like. Register for your exam once you feel ready.

  • What happens if my 180 day access expires?

    Unfortunately, you will need to re purchase the course. 180 days is ample time for you to complete the learning experience.

  • What’s the difference between hardcopy textbook and eBook?

    The hardcopy textbook is the paper textbook. It’s perfect for people who prefer using pen or highlighter on the pages they read. Our eBook is a digital version of the exact same textbook and works in the Kortext App you can view on your tablet, smartphone, eReader or computer. It allows you to make notes, highlight text, change font, font size and paper colour, so you can customize it to exactly how you like to read. You’ll be required to sign up for a free account with Kortext, but the textbook will be yours as long as your account is valid. Download instructions will be emailed to you after you make a purchase.

  • Is the eBook accessible offline?

    If you download the Kortext App, you can view and have full functionality of your eBook offline. If you’re viewing the eBook through a browser, you’ll need to be online.

  • Can I print my eBook?

    No – the eBook is only available digitally.