Learn how IBAO is responding to COVID-19 — TAKE ME THERE
The online version of TOB magazine moves to a responsive, digital-first format.

We’ve produced The Ontario Broker magazine for many years, providing a broker-centric perspective on the insurance industry in Ontario. As both the broker channel and digital publishing have progressed, so has TOB. The magazine has gone through many iterations—most notably in 2018 when the publication’s production moved 100% in-house by IBAO’s marketing team—with this new digital edition marking the next phase of its evolution.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our member experience,” said Norah Black, IBAO Director of Marketing & Communications and Editor of TOB. “Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, we wanted to continue delivering a high-quality product. Our digital version of this magazine is easier to read on desktop and mobile, and is much more shareable on social media, which has become a key promotional element in light of our more recent focus on recruitment.”

The latest issue was the first to have a digital-exclusive release, but the print edition will resume once print services reopen and more brokers are working from their offices.

In recent years, the editorial scope of the magazine has expanded beyond industry news to include lifestyle content relevant to brokers and non-brokers alike. The new digital edition makes that content easier to discover through Google searches, which means the magazine will find new audiences beyond the broker channel and Ontario.

“With this magazine, we’ve created a platform that highlights our members’ successes and the issues that are most important to them,” said Norah. “Now we’re able to do that on a much larger scale.”

View the latest issue of TOB magazine here.