IBAO staff raised both personal activity levels and donations for Breakfast Club of Canada.

Reviving a program originally run in 2019, IBAO staffers participated in an optional 10-week fitness challenge designed to increase personal activity levels and raise funds for a worthy cause. Participants would set their own personal fitness goal, chosen to push beyond their prior baseline of physical activity. Each week they met their goal, $10 would be donated to a non-profit on their behalf by IBAO, but on weeks that they missed their goal they would have to donate the $10.

The non-profit selected for the program was Breakfast Club of Canada, which provide nutritious breakfasts in a safe and inclusive environment to children across Canada—for each dollar raised they can provide two breakfasts.

“We are grateful for the generosity of IBAO employees. In an ever-changing society, it has never been more important to be able to continue to serve nutritious breakfasts to children to ensure they have the energy to learn,” said Amanda Moore, Corporate & Community Giving Senior Advisor at Breakfast Club of Canada.

This year for the first time, a Member Brokerage participated alongside the IBAO—the Brighton branch of McDougall Insurance & Financial.

“We pulled together as a team, held each other accountable and cheered each other on. This definitely fostered a new kind of relationship in the office!” Kendra Quinn, Personal Lines Account Manager, McDougall. “The day the challenge ended, we printed out more tracking sheets so that we can continue to track ourselves and maintain our chosen activities.”

“I’m thrilled with the level of participation and enthusiasm we had this year,” said the program’s creator, IBAO Marketing & Communications Lead Jeff Toth. “Thank you to all the staff participants and to IBAO for sponsoring us. And thank you as well to McDougall Brighton for joining us on our journey!”

Anyone who’d like to host their own Charity Fitness Challenge can contact Jeff for further details.