In our second installment of our #TogetherAtHome keynote series, Experience Economy Expert Dennis Moseley-Williams explained the importance of using times of big change, like a global pandemic, to start something new and focus on creativity.

The pandemic will likely have a lasting change on human habits moving forward. If you’d tried to tell your January 2020 self that almost the entire workforce would be at home, you’d call yourself crazy. The current environment has created a pause in our busy lives that can be used to define a different value for ourselves, be authentic, act courageously and think creatively.

“We’ve been conditioned from a very young age to feel the need and desire to fit in,” said Dennis. “So much to the point where sometimes thinking outside the box can be terrifying.”

A cycle we often get stuck in is trying to be perfect and being afraid to try new things. But real growth requires us to challenge ourselves and accept it may not always work the way we’d hoped. Thinking outside the box creates value for yourself and can demonstrate why you’re an integral part of your workplace.

“With today’s technology, creating something new and life-changing has never been more inexpensive and accessible.”

Join us for next week’s Habitual Behaviours: The Science of Creating Lifelong Habits with Behavioural Change Expert Dr. Lisa Belanger.