As national mergers and cross-border selling become an increasingly common practice, we receive more and more questions about all the different processes involved in getting licensed in other provinces. So we’ve collaborated with our provincial counterparts to create a new resource for our members — A Broker’s Guide to Obtaining a License in Other Provinces (updated October 18, 2021).

“We’re always looking for new ways to support our members,” said IBAO COO Brett Boadway. “We pulled this information together to make it available in a centralized resource for the first time, giving brokers who are looking to expand their reach beyond Ontario a much simpler path forward.”

In addition to the link above, you can find the guide in the Brokerage Operations folder of our Member Resource Library.

Thank you to all the provincial associations who helped bring this document together— IBABC, IBAA, IBAS, IBAM, RCCAQ, IBANB, IBAPEI, IBANS and IBAN, and happy licensing to all our members.