Learn how IBAO is responding to COVID-19 — TAKE ME THERE
In the first of our #TogetherAtHome Keynote Series, Resiliency & Workplace Wellness Expert Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe provided useful strategies for improving productivity, both with work and with wellness.

She suggested a goal of incremental improvement, implementing one strategy at a time for greater success, starting today.  

Work Productivity 

  • Manage your expectations of your situation and yourself 
  • Be flexible and open to adjusting your schedule 
  • Map out your day with a to-do list and a to-be listsetting a goal for how you’d like to be that day (patient, calm, etc.) 
  • Incorporate a productivity block each day where email and notifications are turned off in order to knock one big item off your to-do list
  • Set an endpoint at the end of the day  

Wellness Productivity 

  • Remember that it’s not all or nothingwellness is a commitment, taking steps to look after your health 
  • Make the first hour of the day your own—eat breakfast, stretch… dont check your phone 
  • Make the last hour of the day your own—create a bedtime ritual that allows you to wind down 
  • Get up and stretch your legs every hour 
  • Look for good news stories to get a mental break 
  • Get outside and connect with nature however you can 

Next week’s #TogetherAtHome Keynote Series features Experience Economy Expert Dennis MoseleyWilliams on the attributes and behaviours of successful entrepreneurs and the meaningful ways we can improve our client experiences.