The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) raised $100,000 for Breakfast Club of Canada at #IBAO2020, its recent conference October 21–22. This year’s event marked the association’s 100th annual and first ever virtual convention.

“The Ontario Broker community is a very generous, compassionate demographic,” said Norah Black, Director of Marketing & Communications, IBAO. “We took inspiration from our members for this year’s event and partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada to support childhood education.”

The organization operates in vulnerable neighbourhoods across Canada to provide healthy breakfasts to children living with food insecurity. The impacts of daily breakfast are not only significant for children and families, they generate positive change within schools and communities.

“Given the pandemic, the need has almost doubled—one in three children goes to school without a healthy breakfast every day,” said Rylee Cooper, Advisor of Foundations & Corporate Partnerships, Breakfast Club of Canada. “As children need to focus on their studies, we provide them the energy to thrive. Your support through funding is so appreciated, it enables us to make sure every child has access to a healthy morning meal.”

The benefits of a healthy breakfast are scientifically proven to support optimal learning. Breakfast Club of Canada currently delivers over 250,000 breakfasts every day in 1,885+ schools across Canada.

“Part of our job as insurance brokers is to help people who’ve suffered a loss,” said Joseph Carnevale, IBAO President. “Ontario Brokers have always given back to their communities—with the need increasing so much during the pandemic, we’ve seen that generosity hit new heights.”

IBAO’s annual convention connects Ontario’s insurance industry, including its 90+ insurers and broader insurance community to its over 14,000 members to learn, connect and inspire. This year’s event was themed around empowerment and giving back, with fundraising efforts supporting Breakfast Club of Canada.