Why would someone want to be a broker? We had the chance to hear from a group of new brokers about what drew them to the field.

Nancy Outwater and and Michelle O’Leary-Brunton of Allen Insurance Group brought some of their newest recruits to the IBAO office as part of a tour to provide a broader sense of the industry. Though the trip was meant to give the brokers context, it was also a great opportunity for us to get to know them.

The recent grads were within their first six months on the job, but they already have a clear sense of purpose. The most common refrain among them was that they chose this career to help people. A young broker, Shannon, joked that she came from a family of nurses, but since she couldn’t see herself in that profession, this was a great alternative.

“My passion lies in trying to see how I can make the customer’s life better,” said Simone, the newest of the group.

Another broker, Victoria, was in financial services, but decided to become a broker after a career defining moment. She had sold debt protection insurance to a young family, who hadn’t planned on purchasing it. When tragedy struck the family a short time later, they were covered, thanks to her intervention.

“Building relationships with the customer is the most important part of the job,” said Melody, a third generation broker.

Many of the new brokers said they chose their role because it was a career they can grow into over the long term. They were attracted by the potential for growth and the opportunity for specialization. For them, the career represents both stability and room for innovation. New broker Matt, mentioned that he would like to focus on the burgeoning need for insurance to protect people’s digital assets — even while speculating about technology, the conversation was focused on how they could best assist their clients.

The new brokers then had a chance to hear from Colin Simpson, IBAO CEO. Following his summary of IBAO’s services, the new brokers got to ask about their particular areas of interest. They discussed the insurance implications of driverless cars, the in-the-works paperless insurance discount and value they could get from earning their CAIB designation. The common thread of all their questions was their excitement about their future in insurance. We’re glad to have such an enthusiastic, caring group adding to our industry.

Thank you to Nancy and Michelle for organizing the event and everyone from Allen Insurance Group who visited our office — a trend we hope will continue as many new brokers join the industry.