The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has relaunched its broker hub and the next iteration of a social media campaign with the aim of bringing brokers to the forefront of the public consciousness.

“We heard from members that promoting the broker value proposition is a top priority,” said IBAO President Jeff Gatcke. “As the largest generation in Canada, it’s important millennials understand the service and value brokers provide. It’s our job at the association level to lead that initiative.”

This new phase of the campaign leverages video and social media channels — Instagram, Facebook and Twitter — to help explain what insurance brokers do and how they bring value to their customers.

“We wanted to present a fresh take. Something that will stand out online,” said IBAO Marketing Director Norah Black. “Today it’s all about video. It’s a compelling way to draw people in and boost engagement.”

Campaign content takes two approaches: one series suggests people should leave insurance to the experts, while a second features IBAO Members explaining what insurance brokers do and why being a broker is a great career choice.

“We wanted to capture that human element brokers represent,” Black explains. “While we fully embrace the efficiencies that automation and digitalization bring to a broker’s business, it’s their expertise and their personal and community connections that attract consumers. We wanted to highlight those elements in our approach through humour and great aesthetic.”

Since last week’s soft launch, engagement has been high, and feedback has been positive.

“We’re seeing great momentum with the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada’s Before the Quote campaign and some of the other association’s initiatives,” explains Black. “As a group we’re learning what works and what doesn’t. Our hope is that these complementary efforts will ultimately encourage consumers to think of the broker network when they buy insurance.”

To view new video content, check out the Ontario Brokers’ redesigned website and follow the campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To find a broker, visit