In last year’s member survey, enhancing awareness of the broker channel was identified as the largest gap and greatest opportunity to increase member value. We agree there remains a percentage of the population that’s unaware or unclear of the broker value proposition.

As part of our strategic plan we’re creating an environment that puts brokers at the forefront. We’ve launched a pilot campaign that leverages a new website – – to promote the broker channel and position it as the best choice for consumers.

The site features relevant insurance information, client testimonials and a broker locator, and will expand to incorporate consumer-facing blogs that can be shared and repurposed. Other components of the campaign include a dedicated Facebook page and a number of landing pages that support search, display and social advertising. They target specific segments of the population to identify which should become of greater focus for our official campaign launch in 2018.

In the meantime, please share any initial feedback you may have or request to have your brokerage details updated within the site.