The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has recently rolled out a new administration program for delivering paper-based licensing exams on behalf of the provincial regulator—Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Registration for Level 1 and 2 licensing, equivalency, travel health and farm insurance exams are now available through the IBAO. Currently IBAO is offering exam sittings facilitated within brokerages offices. Once public health restrictions begin to lift, exam centres will be accessible at various locations throughout the province for all exam types.

“New brokers are now able to write their RIBO exam in their own brokerage office,” said IBAO COO Brett Boadway. “This will improve the overall exam experience by limiting travel and reducing reliance on unfamiliar third-party venues. The simplified process is wholly coordinated by IBAO. We’re also happy to accommodate group exam sessions on custom dates.”

Remote parts of the province without reliable internet to accommodate secure, online exams will now have the opportunity to write in-person, proctored exams facilitated by IBAO. With this enhanced administration comes a number of other benefits to brokers and brokerages alike—registering for courses and exams can now all be done through IBAO, points of contact are streamlined and exam takers have access to IBAO’s team for any questions they might have.

“RIBO is focusing its resources on enhancing broker education, licensing and testing standards that support our consumer protection mandate,” said RIBO Licensing Director Jessica Harper. “These changes support regulatory efficiencies while providing future licensees choice about where and when they take their exams. IBAO has turned around an efficient process in a short amount of time. We look forward to working through additional efficiencies and collaborating on online exams later this summer.”

All exam types are offered once a month, with dates and times outlined for the remainder of 2021 on IBAO’s website. Although they’re a member-based organization, IBAO can accommodate non-members as well as out-of-province brokers.

“Brokers have proven themselves to be more essential within our communities than ever,” said Boadway. “We’re removing as many hurdles as possible for prospective brokers to get their licenses so we can continue what’s most important—protecting Ontario consumers.”