(Toronto, Ontario) The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) continues to evolve the offerings of its annual Convention, to be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa this year. IBAO will offer a live webcast of their popular CEO Panel. The event will take place on October 26th from 9:00AM–12:00PM.

Last year IBAO introduced a new format for their Panel: CEOs took part in one-on-one conversations instead of a traditional panel discussion. Each CEO was asked questions specific to their company in addition to questions submitted live by brokers. After a very positive response, this year will follow a similar format.

Also returning from last year, author and former journalist Jim Harris will act as moderator. This year’s panel will include:

 * Rowan Saunders, President + CEO, Economical Insurance
 * Heidi Sevcik, President + CEO, Gore Mutual
 * Jean-François Blais, President, Intact Insurance
 * Martin Thompson, President + CEO, RSA

Questions will revolve around recent mergers and acquisitions across the market, consumer trends, technology, brokerage ownership, broker distribution and lessons learned from going direct. “This year we have a lot to celebrate,” said IBAO President Traci Boland. “But we want to address company strategy and learn how brokers can better align with these valued markets. It’s coming together but it’s what’s next, how do we keep the momentum and where do we go from here as an industry, together.”

The CEO Panel will open with an address from incoming IBAO President Brian Purcell, Owner of James Purcell Insurance. Purcell’s been involved with the IBAO Executive for the past 2 years and the IBAO Board of Directors 4 years prior; he will officially begin his presidency January 2018.

The webcast is $125 for IBAO Members, $50 for additional viewers and $250 for Non-Members. Brokers will earn 3 Management Hours for attending the event in-person or viewing the webcast on October 26th.

Details about registering for the webcast can be found here. More information about the IBAO Convention is available at ibao.org/convention.