The upcoming provincial election is fast approaching — it will take place June 7th. All three major political parties in Ontario have included auto insurance within their election platforms, so this election will inevitably affect our industry, regardless of who is chosen.

All parties have taken strong stances on auto insurance and CBC coverage suggests that this could be a decisive issue for voters.

While a revised platform hasn’t been revealed from the Ontario PC‘s since Doug Ford became party leader, the original platform under Patrick Brown included a call to eliminate territorial rating the practice of using postal codes as a determining factor when setting rates and promised to crack down on insurance fraudsters and uninsured drivers. However, these positions could change since Ford has come out against the entirety of Brown’s platform.

In response to the PC platform, the Liberal Party is also calling for an end to territory rating in addition to their own plans to implement elements of David Marshall’s report, Fair Benefits, Fairly Delivered. Their proposed cost-saving measures revealed in December 2017 include the creation of standard treatment plans for common injuries, new independent examination centres, the establishment of a dedicated fraud office and a strengthened independent regulator (FSRA).

The NDP’s platform mirrors the Liberal government’s 2013 election promise to reduce auto insurance premiums by 15% while protecting accident benefits, though at this time they haven’t elaborated on how they would lower these premiums.

We’ve met with government leaders and supported the changes recommended in Fair Benefits, Fairly Delivered, while explaining that eliminating territorial rating would not be a tenable solution, nor would a 15% reduction across the board.

We believe it’s important to deliver a strong, cohesive message on behalf of Ontario consumers. For the duration of the election an IBAO member broker will be partnered with every candidate in every riding in Ontario to help communicate our position on auto insurance. It’s our hope that following the election, every sitting MPP in Ontario has an informed understanding of the auto insurance system and how their proposed changes would affect consumers across the province.

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