Learn how IBAO is responding to COVID-19 — TAKE ME THERE
As consumers look for safety, security and information during this pandemic, they’re turning to their brokers for help and guidance. How brokers can continue to be successful in the current environment was the topic of Canadian Underwriter’s recent COVID-19 webinar featuring IBAO President Joseph Carnevale, Wawanesa’s Graham Haigh, Applied System’s Steve Whitelaw and Canadian Underwriter’s David Gambrill as moderator.

“Brokers need options,” said Joseph. “Brokers need all the tools available, so we can serve our customers the way they prefer to be served. Whatever is best for clients is what we’re going for.”

There are a number of digital tools enabling brokers to serve consumers during this time, including eSignatures, and many have had to learn to use them on the fly.

“This pandemic will undoubtedly change how brokers work,” said Joseph. “Some brokers will adopt wholesale change, and some will adopt incremental change.”

The pandemic is very likely to change workflows permanently, though that could ultimately be to the benefit of brokers and their customers. “There’s so many things we’re going to take away from this experience for the good of brokerages, their staff and their clients—and that’s what’s most important.”

Joseph used the opportunity to raise the prospect of the industry coming together on an omni-channel solution for brokers. “There’s never been a better time to do this. Necessity is a wonderful thing.”

Though it’s a very challenging time for everyone, the way brokers are approaching the situation helping their clients is being noticed and appreciated. “I just want to recognize the work that brokers are doing,” said Graham. “The broker value proposition is coming to the fore through all this change.”

“We’re very proud of the way brokers have responded to this crisis and we continue to be proud,” said Joseph. “For the longest time as brokers we’ve communicated to our clients that we’d be there for them in their time of need. This has provided us the particular opportunity to live that and demonstrate that. It’s not just about a premium or a policy, it’s about the support and the advice.”