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Leading up to the election, IBAO member brokers enacted a coordinated advocacy campaign targeting candidates of the three major parties.

The goal of this grassroots campaign was to establish a relationship between all future MPPs and a broker from their riding and to communicate our positions to them. We were able to match brokers with 149 of the 371 candidates running in the 124 ridings across Ontario. Nearly all of these candidates had either face-to-face meetings or email exchanges with a broker.

“I met with candidates from my electoral district to represent IBAO and our position on automobile insurance in the province. The meetings were positive and we appeared to get consensus around the need for geographical rating,” said IBAO Past President Michael Brattman.

Last week, we sent an email blast to reach the other candidates that we were unable to personally connect with a broker. At this point, approximately 80% of all candidates have heard from a broker or the IBAO over the course of this election campaign.

In addition, last week we published an op-ed in the Financial Post on why eliminating territorial rating would be bad for consumers and the industry. This op-ed was also circulated through Queen’s Park media, to get the message back in front of sitting MPPs once more before the election.

Thank you to all the brokers who added their voices to this campaign. Advocacy is integral to protecting the interests of customers and ensuring the future health of the broker channel.