Examine the different workflow models that can be used to document a process and the tools that can be utilized for documentation.

A clear, functional workflow process can be used as a training tool for new hires, as a strategic tool to examine performance issues. It can even be used by HR to review roles and responsibilities and possibly even training opportunities for things like systems and customer service.

Each model has its pros and cons, and these really depend on the situation we are documenting.

During this one-hour webinar, the facilitator will review the different models currently used and will then proceed to actually build a live workflow during the webinar, using a software tool called Microsoft Visio. The participants will contribute their input in a ‘live’ environment, so as to fully appreciate the workflow-build method.

Recommended for brokers, managers and those responsible for operations.

$27 per additional registrant.



Date: September 24th
Time: 9:30AM-10:30AM
Location: The comfort of your office
Accreditation Hours: 1 Management Hour
Facilitators: Gradient Solutions
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