The introduction of automated vehicles is an exciting development that is fast approaching – but do you know the liability risks that accompany driverless vehicles?

This webinar reviews the immediate impact of the use and operation of automated vehicles, allowing brokers to fully understand the new liability landscape and issues it presents for consumers and brokers. Potential consumer-centric product and regulatory solutions for the adoption and use of automated vehicle technology will also be discussed.

The rapid deployment of automated vehicles will have immediate implications for all operators, owners and occupants of both personal and commercial vehicles whether automated or not. Soon, short to midterm semi and fully autonomous vehicles will be sharing the roads with the operators and owners of conventional vehicles. These interactions will introduce new theories of liability that will involve drivers, owners, manufactures, service providers and public authorities.

$50 per additional registrant.

Recommended for Brokerage Owners/Managers, Customer Sales-Service Representatives.


Date: September 6th
Time: 9:30 am-11:45 am
Location: The comfort of your office
Accreditation Hours: 2 Technical Hours
Facilitators: Mario Fiorino, B.A., LL.B, M. ED, Insurance Bureau of Canada
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