Did you know that Electronic Data Recorders (EDR’s) or “Black Boxes” are now installed in almost all new cars manufactured today!

Black Boxes do not only collect information regarding a drivers’ driving style, it is also used in the process of re-creating the sequence of events leading up to and following a collision therefore playing a huge role in the claims process. Black Box evidence can provide great leverage and strategy on a claim because it ultimately tells you what really happened.

Did you know a vehicle Black box is the ‘brain’ behind autonomous (driverless) vehicle functions?

This technology will inevitably change the insurance industry, so what are the trends that we are seeing (or expect to see) and how can we evolve in order to address these changes. We will also explore various topics within this field that are still in the works and being debated, such as cyber security issues, exposure to other parties/insurers, and more.

Recommended for brokerage sales and claims staff.

$50 each additional registrant


Date: September 10th
Time: 9:30AM-11:00AM
Location: The comfort of your office
Accreditation Hours: 1.5 Technical Hours
Facilitators: Sami Shaker, H.B.Sc., Physicist & Client Relations Manager | Kodsi Forensic Engineering
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