It’s renewal time - the perfect opportunity to cement your client relationships. If your commercial renewal processes are created around the underwriter’s requirements instead of around your clients’ need for risk management advice, it’s time to shake things up!


• Define the stakeholders in the renewal process
• Understand the expectations of all stakeholders
• Describe the criteria for successful renewals
• Evaluate the information required to effectively renew each commercial policy
• Discuss re-marketing of renewals and the associated errors and omissions concerns
• Identify the optimal time to perform the renewal review
• Demonstrate the use of a work back schedule to improve renewal processes


$120 + $60 for each additional participant
Date: March 3rd
Time: 2:00—4:15PM
Location: The comfort of your own home or office
Accreditation Hours: 2 Technical Hours
Facilitators: Joanne Mitchell, CIP, Effective Training Communications Plus