Available Resources

IBAO Members can access COVID-19 resources and communications in the COVID-19 folder of our Member Resource Library, including instructions to access our COVID-19 Insurer Response Chart. If IBAO Members have questions or comments, submit them here.


Returning to the Office 

The Ontario Government announced a three-phased approach to reopening the economy, which means different phases of returning to the office and/or reopening your brokerage to the public. They created an online resource to help businesses procure the necessary PPE they’ll need to reopen safely. Here are a few other resources for IBAO Members:  


IBAO Education Updates

Keeping learning opportunities available for members and aspiring brokers through social distancing mandates and measures is top priority.

  • All previously scheduled in-person courses are continuing in a virtual classroom using Zoom. This includes RIBO L1 Licensing and CAIB.
  • RIBO is now accepting exam applications with two options:
    • Taking the exam online through RIBO for $250. Time slots are limited. To book this option, submit an application to RIBO directly using their online form or by mail.
    • Writing the exam in person through IBAO for $180. IBAO students can book their in-person paper exam by emailing education@ibao.on.ca.
  • Given the gap between courses and exams, we’re hosting a free exam refresh course for all registered students for RIBO L1 and CAIB courses. Refresh courses will be scheduled once online or in-person exams have been put in place.
  • Online courses are running as usual.