DEI Inclusive Hiring Practices

Course Description

When it comes to hiring, the decision is often based on a judgement call of the hiring manager. But what is influencing this judgement? These include unconscious bias, lack of DEI integrated policies, organizational monoculture, systemic barriers and/ or an informal process. All of these can derail ensuring that every applicant receives a fair, equitable, and transparent opportunity to showcase their skills and potentials

DEI has called out the elephant in the room that bias exists in the hiring process. Clearly recognizing where biases creep into your process will not only help you fix future issues, but also find ways to ensure the current staff are being treated in a welcoming and inclusive manner. Building on the Getting Started and Going Further Courses, this session dives deeper into how unconscious biases can affect hiring practices and discuss steps every business should take to ensure their processes are inclusive and equitable.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common areas where unconscious bias exists in HR.
  • Describe how implementing DEI-integrated practices into your hiring processes will help you reach a wider audience and support your retention strategies
  • Recall 3 common tripwires on how job descriptions are created, interview questions are designed, and the type of background being asked of the candidates.
  • Identify practical tools and strategies HR can use
  • Identify one area in your brokerage’s HR or onboarding process where you want to implement these best practices

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Location: Online
Accreditation Hours: 1 Management Hour
Facilitators: DEI Expert - Wessam – KEYS
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