Conversations on Conduct – Stage 2

Course Description

This is the second in a series of Ethics courses focused on real situations brokers face from the perspective of how to identify an act as an ethical dilemma. This eLearning course is based on real, up to date examples of situations Brokers face in doing their job. The core of the course is utilizing the RIBO code of conduct and relating it to initiating and having discussions based on ethical dilemmas. Learners, Brokers and Managers alike, are guided through a framework of how to categorize a potential ethical dilemma and select ways to respond. Learners are presented with a number of common yet tricky ethical situations (i.e. case studies) in two parts;

1. A broker to broker conversation
2. A broker / manager conversation

Each interaction requires the learner to provide feedback to identify the type of situation it is, so they can analyze situations in their workplace consistently. The end of the course provides extension situations in a question format.

By the end of this course, you will be able to;
1. Articulate the value of an ethics based code of conduct to a brokerage’s operations.
2. Distinguish the context of an ethical dilemma as either Situation, Rules, or People based or some Combination of these.
3. Identify the appropriate reporting response.
4. List techniques to discuss potential ethical dilemmas with between colleagues or between broker and manager.

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Date Added: October 1, 2021
Location: Online
Accreditation Hours: 1 Ethics Hour
Facilitated By: IBAO
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