Certificates of Insurance: Crash Course

Course Description

Are you comfortable issuing and reviewing certificates of insurance? As an insurance professional, it is crucial to know how, when and why your insured needs a certificate of insurance, as well as how to properly issue and review those certificates. Certificates of insurance not only show that there is insurance in place, but also the coverages, limits, dates, and other important information. As insurance professionals, it is our responsibility to provide our clients with accurately prepared certificates of insurance.

Don’t miss out on this sought-after seminar. Enhance your knowledge of certificates of insurance and register for this highly interactive session today!

You will walk away from this seminar with the ability to:

  • Differentiate between an insured and a named insured
  • Understand the implications of – and avoid – incorrect documentation
  • Effectively and correctly prepare a Certificate of Insurance


Date Added: July 29, 2022
Location: Online
Accreditation Hours: 2 Technical Hours
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