Achieving Work-Life Balance for Mental and Physical Health

Course Description

Everyone agrees that work-life balance is important, yet a lot of us struggle striking the balance between our professional life and our personal life. Now that remote work has been widely adopted by most organizations, it can be hard to draw the line and separate the time to work and rest as our workspace and homes can become indistinguishable.

In this webinar, you will gain a greater depth of knowledge of what work-life balance can look like, the science behind how stress is created and their impacts to our physical and mental health and learn how to address the factors contributing to an unbalanced work-life.

Course Objectives

1. Identify what work-life balance can mean to you and how to reframe it

2. Explain how poor work-life balance impacts mental and physical health

a. Identify what stress is and what stimulus can trigger a stress response

b. Determine how feedback loops are created

c. Explain the role of cortisol and adrenaline and what their effects are to our physical and mental health

3. Explain how poor work-life balance can lead to occupational burnout

a. Devise practical steps to address the factors leading to it

4. Identify strategies that can be taken to achieve higher work-life balance

a. Utilize the 3 R’s of Re-Balancing to help create balance in our lives

i. Reevaluate

ii. Reconnect

iii. Revisit


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Date Added: April 2, 2022
Location: Online
Accreditation Hours: 1 Professional Development Hour
Facilitated By: Dr. Marnie Luck, ND, Naturopathic Doctor
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