The Young Brokers Council (YBC) was established to ensure that new ideas and directions so often developed by younger brokers would consistently be given a voice at IBAO. YBC plays a major role in keeping IBAO primed for continued success. The council inspires and enhances leadership qualities in its members, and encourages any IBAO members under the age of 40 or with less than 5 year experience in the industry to join and participate in council events and activities.

YBC provides an excellent training opportunity for brokers interested in future leadership positions at IBAO. The group 
consists of 13 Team Leaders with a Board member as a YBC Liaison that is responsible for encouraging and supporting the various activities of the council.

For more information, visit the YBC Website to find out more about this group of young, progressive brokers.

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Upcoming Events
Basic Broker Orientation Day - November
This seminar is a MANDATORY prerequisite for the Basic Broker Licensing Course. Exemption Personal Umbrella Liability
Participants in this webinar will learn how a Personal Umbrella policy can enhance your cl Basic Broker Licensing Course - November
This two week course is for individuals who would like to become insurance brokers, and ha